5 Signs Of Negative People

Lack of confidence, gloom, distrust, and anxiety are a toxic cocktail mix. You probably wonder how one person can survive with all that inside! Yet, these negative people all around us every day.

You could have moments of despair, anxiety and discouragement too. But as a positive person, you must let not these thoughts take over your life. You must live the four-to-one ratio. Just generate four positive thoughts for every negative one, to keep situations from getting out of hand.

Why many people are unaware of their negativity? How it is ruining their lives – and everyone else’s? These warning signs will teach you to be on the alert so that you avoid falling into the black hole of negativity.

  • They always worry

Negative people survive on worry – a very unhealthy diet. But whatever is going to happen will happen, whether we worry or not.

  • They try to tell you what to do

When people start to tell you what you should do with your life, what house to buy or whether you should change your job, you can be sure they are in the negative squad. They do not realize it but this is a sure sign that they have not sorted out their own life issues.

  • They enjoy secrecy

If you meet a negative person at a party, you may find the conversation rather tedious. Fearful of revealing too much information about themselves, they live in fear that doing so would be used against them in some way.

  • They complain a lot

Negative people tend to whine a lot, convinced that the whole world is against them. They are usually the victim of lousy weather, a difficult boss, bad luck, and their upbringing. They rarely step back to look at other factors – such as a lack of energy and creativity.

  • They love the word ‘but’

A negative person might say something positive or even compliment you. The only problem: They finish their remarks with the ‘but’ word. Remarks like “It looks like a great restaurant but why you didn’t book a table outside” or “It’s a lovely beach but there are always too many people around.”