Biohacking. What Is It And How To Get Started Today?

Living a long, happy, healthy life is an aspiration many of us share. The big question is: how do we make it happen? In many ways, the circumstances of our everyday routines make it challenging lives we wish.

What if there was a way to begin leading a healthier, higher energy lifestyle without the frustration. Well, that is exactly what biohacking is all about.

So what Is Biohacking? And Why Should You Care?
These days, there’s a hack for just about everything, isn’t there? Easy ways of getting the absolute most for your time, your money, whatever the case may be.

So shouldn’t the same exist for our bodies? Can we learn to tweak our external environments so that our internal environments, our physical systems, run smoother, fresher, and better?

Biohacking involves paying attention to what we eat, what we drink, what we smell, touch, hear, and see.

It involves guiding our external stimuli to facilitate a healthier, better version of ourselves.

  • Eliminate inflammatory foods

A huge source of disharmony in the body comes from consuming inflammatory, low energy foods. Cut back on a few well known instigators:

  1. Sugar
  2. Fried foods
  3. Refined flour
  4. Saturated fats
  • Track your sleep

Many of us don’t get adequate rest. If you’re netting less than seven hours a night, you’re sleep deprived. Getting not just the proper amount of sleep, but the proper quality of sleep is vitally important.

  • Try binaural beats

If you haven’t heard of binaural beats before, here’s (essentially) how they work:

Set of audible tones resonating at a frequency that mimics the frequency of your brainwaves. Whether you need the high frequency or are seeking a gentle drift down into the relaxing, meditative waves of theta, binaural beats can help.