From What Do You Need to Give Up to Start Over?

There is a common belief that when you want to start on something new, whether it be a project, a hobby, a job or some big life change, a certain sacrifice must be made.

Out with the old, and in with the new” as they say. If we’re not capable of handling more than what we already have unless we let go of something. But is that really always the case?

Perhaps you’re at a crossroad right now, and you’re trying to decide on whether to stay on in your current job, or move on to something completely different. Perhaps you’re not truly doing something you love, and so you want to change tha.

But it’s a risky plunge.

You’re going to have to adjust to the changes and sacrifice everything that you’ve worked for over the years.

In these situations, it usually feels like an all or nothing approach. And, it then becomes the ‘smart’ thing to just ignore the challenge and stay put. Most people never truly dare to take on new opportunities after a certain age or stage in life for fear of losing out, falling behind or give up whatever it is that they’ve already accomplished thus far.

But also many individuals end up feeling regret much later on in life.

By learning to Learn again, you’ll be able to grasp knowledge a lot quicker, allowing you to manage your responsibilities.

Making a life improvement, career switch or new goal pursuit can easily happen without risky trade-offs once you know how to harness your Cornerstone Skills into your existing life.


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