5 Types Of Girlfriends You Really Need

In order to do more than just survive, we need good friends to push us toward the point of greatness. In a time of distress, people will always reveal themselves. Your girlfriends are responsible for pulling you up from your lowest moments in life.

It’s time to do audit of the people you should always keep around. Here are 5 girlfriends that are essential to your growth.

1. The Level-headed Girlfriend
This girlfriend will always be your voice of reason. She’ll analyze problems and find the best possible solution. Her logic is what you need on the days when you’ve dug a hole.

2. The Generous Girlfriend
This is the friend who will randomly call you up. She’s your girlfriend therapy. They know you’ve been in and will do whatever is necessary to get you back to the person everyone knows and loves. You can pour your heart out to her any time you need.

3. The No Nonsense Girlfriend
This girlfriend loves you but isn’t about to have you rain on her parade. She won’t entertain your mess. It’ll hurt just for a second, but her tough love is required for your growth.

4. The Painfully Honest Friend
The sarcastic friend who basically repeats everything you say to let you know how silly you sound. She uses your own negativity against you. She is annoying but is the mirror you need sometimes.

5. The Big Picture Girlfriend
This girlfriend has always seen the light at the end of the tunnel. She sees your greatness even when you cannot. When you’re being a pessimist, count on her to come up with 1,000 reasons as to why you’re really blessed.