How to Enjoy the Journey

Being happy is for most of us one of the key aims in life. But where we often go wrong is in figuring out which path to take to achieve that happiness.

It really important to enjoy each step of the journey that you’ve been on and not just hoping to be happier at some point later in your life.

May be the path you’ve chosen may not be for everyone. But it is an example of the importance of choosing your own path in life, and ignoring the pressure from family, friends, and society.

Some people are pressured into certain jobs, often because they are considered prestigious. Others may be pushed to get further up the career ladder, but then find out they hate the managerial responsibility that this generally brings.

People also often think that when they have more material goods or money they will be happier. But while making lots of money and buying lots of things may not necessarily make you content.

With relationships, it’s also important to find the right path for ourselves, and to be as sure as we can that we have chosen the right partner. And when we’ve hopefully found them, it’s so important to enjoy each moment of that relationship. Not always be looking to the future.

We might think that having children will make us happy, but then when we have them we realize all the responsibilities and difficulties that brings, and may look back on our days without children with fondness. Or if we have young children we might wish they were older, but then they become teenagers!

The common pattern in all this is choosing the right road for the type of person we are and finding happiness at as many places along that route as we can.

So it’s important to look at all the good things in our lives and to enjoy them to the full right now. That is much more likely to bring happiness than waiting for it to appear tomorrow.