What a 7-Day Self-Care Challenge Teach You About Prioritizing Your Needs

If you sleep less, worked more. You will wake up one day feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and very, very low.

But you can turned to 7 Days to Self-Care challenge. This way you don’t waste precious productivity time.

Day 1: Stop Judging
Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation. It’s about nurturing yourself from the inside, and how you balance your life and mental health on a daily basis.

Day 2: Listen Harder
What’s going on with you lately? Just thinking about the answer to this questions made you can realize.

Day 3: Celebrate You
This day will focused on celebrating the things you accomplished, no matter how small. For example: you’d finished all homework, exceeded goals on a work project, bought groceries, washed clothing.

Day 4: Set Boundaries
By Day 4, you will started looking to prioritizing myself via the challenge. The things you spend most of my time on?

Day 5: Let Go of Guilt
Aaah, guilt. You could feel it when eat too many chokolat, when longer in bed, when watch film, but you planned on doing some work.

Day 6: Moments of Joy
Today’s session require you to focus on the things that are currently making you happy. The list woul be longer than you expecte.

Day 7: Know What You Need
In one week, in just five minutes a day, you reminded of the positive impact of prioritizing youself. You can started do morning meditations, stretching and practice being grateful.