3 Reasons Why The Journey Matters More Than the Destination

The journey to reach goals far exceeds the goal itself. Moreover, the final outcome may not be as significant as you led to believe.

If you reflect on a substantial goal you accomplished in the past year, you may not have reached the goal were it not for the steps taken to get there.

The journey to achieve a goal is governed by the inner growth that takes place.

Goal attainment is a by-product of the journey. In the same way, losing weight is inevitable when you implement healthy nutritional habits and active lifestyle.

Nowadays, countless self-help books, blogs and master classes are devoted to coaching people on goal setting.

Better savour the journey rather than following a fixed outcome in relation to goals.

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

1. Arriving Rather Than Striving
Life is a series of smaller destinations. The goal in life is not to acquire things or people to complete me. Such goals are bound to cause suffering once they vanish — easy come, easy go.

2. Take Eyes Off The Prize
Goals are meaningless without the intermediary process to get there. The journey is where you goals are formed and realised.

3. The Journey Builds Character
Character is shaped on the path to reach goals. Strength of character is developed throughout the journey via the trials and lessons experienced.

You will call upon these lessons when you attain your goal, much like an athlete who spends countless hours in training, honing their performance.