Golden Rules to Achieving Goals

Setting goals is the easy part. Achieving those goals is a whole different ball game. And that is why so many people fail to accomplish their goals. This can lead to people never setting goals again because their confidence has been battered by their past experience.

If you want to reach your goal, do not always think about it – should always go to her. If you follow these golden rules, you will have a much greater chance:

1. Don’t Set Too Many Goals
When we sit down to think about what we want to achieve, we often begin a list and start writing down all the things we want. And that is a great way to get yourself started. Instead, once you have written your list, set yourself some parameters.

2. Set Weekly Objectives
The hardest part about achieving goals is staying focused on them. After we have planned out what we want to achieve, become motivated and determined, we then come face to face with the daily crises and problems that get thrown up at us. When that happens, it can be hard to stay focused on our goals.

3. Write Your Goals Down
Writing down your goals gives you a reminder. But the key to writing down your goals is write them down in a place you will see them regularly.

It’s no good writing out your goals on a piece of paper only for that piece of paper to disappear under a mountain of other bits of paper after a few days. Instead, if you keep a journal or diary, write out your goals in your journal.

4. Have a Strong “Why”
A goal without a purpose is a weak goal. You need to know why you want to accomplish it.

Now your “why” is personal and often can be quite embarrassing if you explained it to another person. The important thing is the reason why you want to achieve your goal needs to be only YOUR reason, and not because someone else says it’s a good idea.