Your Lifestyle Is a Reflection of Who You Are

Our lifestyle communicates a clear message about who we are and how we think. Lifestyle is where we go, what we do and how we feel once we are there. Lifestyle is how we dress, what we drive and the type of entertainment we choose to enjoy.

Everything about us is sending a message to others. The things we do, the things we say, even our appearance, suggests an inner attitude about life. If we are spending more money on donuts than we do on books, that suggests something about the sincerity of our desire for personal progress.

Lifestyle is a function of attitude and personal values. We can all afford to live better. It doesn’t take more money to change how we live. It takes more deliberate thought and a greater appreciation of the real values in life.

Lifestyle means skill to be mastered, not a condition to be pursued. It is finding new ways to bring joy, pleasure, excitement into our lives and into the lives of those we care for while we are working on our goals, not once we have achieved them.

Many of us dream of becoming wealthy, of having a beautiful home so that we will be free to enjoy ourselves. We dream of chauffeurs to drive us and servants to take care of us so that we can have all the time in the world to do whatever we want to do.

The big question is what would we do? In a very short time, most of what we dreamed of one day doing would become as uninspiring as our current lifestyle.

If it is not a life of endless fun and laughter, then what are we in pursuit of? What is this thing we call lifestyle?

Most people do not make happiness and wealth a study. But happiness is an art, not an accident. It is not something that falls out of the sky. Happiness—that unique emotion that we mistakenly believe comes to us only when we have become successful—must precede the achievement of success.