The 5 Most Important Things You’ll Regret

The definition of Regret sounds is “Feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over something that one has done or failed to do”.

When was the last time you sat down and asked yourself:

“What dreams and plans do I have?”

“What does my ideal future look like?”

“What do I really want from life”

We regret more not becoming our ideal selves, or the person we truly wanted to be. We regret living an unfulfilled life. We regret living in fear and not having the courage to focus on the things and people that truly matter most.

We regret not achieving our goals and dreams
Psychologist Tom Gilovich and his colleague Shai Davidai have found that people are haunted more by regrets about failing to fulfil their hopes, goals and aspirations than by regrets about failing to fulfil their duties.

Should have… could have… would have…
But if we are clear on our purpose and priorities in life, you can create the personal power necessary to push through, and take action on the things that matter most. When you make a decision to focus on creating your ideal future, to create a life with no regrets you’ll move from “Should have, could have, would have” to “I lived a life worth living” and “I made a difference.

Remember 5 most important things in your life

1. Become the Person You Truly Could Be
2. Not Chasing Your Dreams
3. Live Your Life, Not the Life of Someone Else
4. Starting Now
5. Spend Time with Family and Friends

That way, you’re far more likely to create a life well lived, rather than one full of regrets.