Old-School Toys You Can DIY For Your Kids

All too often you spend good money on things your kiddes can play with, but they’re more entertained with the packing peanuts than anything else. Rather than spend countless dollars on toys that are soon forgotten, try a different approach. Get the tots involved in creating their own toys. The little ones are sure to appreciate them more.

Here are some old school toys that you can DIY with your kids.

Car Roadway
If your little one has planes, trains, and automobiles, they need a place for them to travel. Use a rug or a large piece of cardboard (one with sides can double as storage). You can make a simplistic two-dimensional city by painting or drawing the roadway, buildings, and other city landmarks. Or you can make it three-dimensional by using other toys to create the city.

There’s no need to spend a substantial amount of money on a premade dollhouse or supplies to build one. This old-school toy that you can DIY with your kids is fashioned from cardboard boxes. You can even use multiple boxes.

These are perfect for toddlers or a fun project for a big brother. You can get precut blocks from the craft store, and they will have fun painting their masterpieces. They can also be used as a learning tool. Numbers and letters on the block allows your kids to start learn the fundamentals of counting, the alphabet.

Swords and Shields
This old-school DIY toy is what your munchkins will need when they have a castle to protect. The simplest and most cost-effective option is to draw an outline of the shape and cut it out of cardboard. You can then color them with markers or spray paint. Or, cover them in tin foil…your possibilities are endless!