Lessons on Loving Your Body

There are a million ways to see your body when you look in the mirror. For many of us, most of life, the train of thought has always been “how can I lose weight?”

The journey to loving your body can began in the most unexpected way. Even more of a surprise could be the way in which it deepened your connection to the body.

Let’s learned incredible life lessons about cherishing your body at every stage of its development.

  • Align your life with who you are

Stop with the “shoulds.” I should be a lawyer, doctor or an accountant. I should be the perfect homemaker with a spotless house and well-behaved perfect children. I should have no stretch marks.

  • You need the reminder, you are a unique soul and personality.

For some people, running marathons, spinning classes or the treadmill works. You can paying for gym memberships, for activities that have a means to an end: the perfect body.

But you can learned to find activities that speak to the deepest part of who You are. The deep breathing, the poses that open and cajole your body while becoming present both in body and mind. And you can loved yourself, your body, your mind just now.

What speaks to you? Stop living your life as a means to an end and instead live the life that’s meant for you.

Listen to your intuition, your calling and you will flourish. You will run toward a healthy body and get up off your couch because you will authentically love the vehicle that suits you best. Rather than, doing what you “should,” you will be who you are.