How to Ask for Help When You Really Need

Nod your head if you’ve ever had to ask for help at work, at home or anywhere else. Now, nod again if you’ve ever felt shy when doing so.

Sure some of you reading would have nodded twice!

Not knowing the answer in class and looking around to your classmates knew, or getting stuck on a project work and needing to colleagues, or just being in a new city and needing help with directions. We’ve all been down this road.

We are afraid to ask for help. We either very reluctantly do so eventually, or stay suffer in silence altogether.


Sometimes it might be that we fear requesting assistance as we don’t want to seem weak or incompetent. Especially if you’re in a competitive work environment. May be you belive that people may start associating you as the leech who’s always relying on someone, and you’ll start to appear incapable. But the reality is that not everyone thinks that way.

We’re seeing it all wrong. The word help is regarded as a negative. But the truth is, if we can turn “help” around to see it as a positive act.

Everyone goes through periods of change in their lives. It’s always meant to improve our well being, and allow us to become better versions of ourselves. But we can’t always make or go through change alone, and that is completely normal.

So we should embrace that fact and know that seeking help from someone or somewhere is a perfectly normal thing to do.