Foot Pads That Claim To Replace Shoes

In summer holidays are plagued sometimes by sweaty feet, blisters and broken flip flops. So these stick-on soles may be the answer to your prayers. It stick to the bottom of your feet and allow you to walk around outdoors without shoes.

The pads are waterproof, cut-proof, heat-resistant and slip-proof, meaning you can walk on paving stones, on hot sand, in the park or by the pool without a second thought.

They could also come in handy at the spa, or at your local public swimming pool, which, let’s face it, it probably a breeding ground for all kinds of nasties.

The material used for the pads isn’t detailed, but they’re reportedly produced “without harming people, animals or the environment.”

What is clear is that there definitely seems to be a market for something like this. We can certainly imagine surfers, or other water-sport enthusiasts embracing the idea of a product that can protect your feet without sacrificing the benefits of being barefoot.

And this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen footwear step into minimalist territory. We’ve seen shoes cut in half, chainmail shoes, something described as a “condom for your feet”, and hey… even sock-shoes are a legit thing. So it’s not a huge leap to get to these stick on soles.

Do note, this is a disposable product, so while you might be able to reapply it after removing once, there’s a good chance the adhesive won’t be as strong as a freshly-peeled item. According to the outfit, they recommend wearing the pad for no more than 24 hours at a time.

Truth be told, this seems to be a viable way to go barefoot not just in the beach or by the poolside, but at absolutely any time. We’re not entirely sure how well it will hold up to the nasty city streets and sidewalks, but if you’ve ever thought of doing your morning runs barefoot, this thing seems like your best chance at getting it done.