Find Yourself In Silence

Have you ever spent time with someone you love and just shared the silence of the moment together? Not that uncomfortable silence where someone is angry or uncomfortable, but that kind that allows you to feel each other in a deep.

Practicing silence helps us prepares the mind and heart for meditation. When we speak, our energy travels outward with our words. When we observe silence, we stop the drain of energy through our speech.

With conscious silence we stop giving into our urge to respond to everything around us and we begin to quiet the rumblings of our own minds.

How to Practice Silence

1. Schedule your silence at a particular time when life is not pulling on you.

2. During that time, turn off the phone, TV, radio, computer, and all other communication devices. Put down all books and other reading material.

3. Sit quietly and rest — or look carefully at a natural object — or engage in work that does not require you to hear, see, or express words. Gentle housekeeping or gardening can be excellent activities to do in silence, or taking a long walk in nature.

4. Stay in the present moment. Listen to the silence and try to enjoy a respite from thinking, reviewing and planning.

5. Expell mental “noise”. Breathe deeply and mindfully.

6. At the end of your of silence, let your first word be an expression of gratitude or love

The Benefits of Silence

  • Calms the heart and nervous system
  • Connects us to our innermost awareness
  • Improves mindfulness practices
  • Restores harmony and balance to our otherwise busy lives

The more you practice silence the more your mind will search for the silence between sounds.