Dealing with Anger. Do You Need a Timeout?

Frazzled parents across the globe give timeouts as a way to manage the tantrums of their children. Although some critics may disagree about whether they are an effective, but timeout gives both parents and kids a chance to cool down and think about a better response to whatever is frustrating them.

Anger is simply an emotion, we all have them and there’s nothing wrong with being angry from time to time. In fact, anger can sometimes be a good thing. Historically, it have an “alerting function”.

Problems can arise, however, when our anger gets out of control or becomes too frequent. Some times drivers can scream at, curse and even initiate physical altercations with complete strangers over the breaking of a road rule. We have become desensitized to this sort of behavior and people often laugh about incidents of extreme anger. In fact, it’s worryingly common.

The Mental Health Foundation produced a report with disheartening conclusions. Titled “Boiling Point,” it revealed that over a quarter of people surveyed (28%) say they worry about how angry they feel sometimes.

Really timeouts can help us control emotions, or no?

Managing and controlling anger is possible as this is a psychologically driven process and not biological. We can to change oer react to a situation.

Anger manifests both emotionally and physically. If left unchecked, it can be deadl. Really leading to an risks of hypertension and stroke, gastric ulcers, and bowel diseases.

Look After Yourself
Just get a good night’s sleep every night, are properly hydrated, and eating enough healthy food. When we’re well-rested and feeling good, our stress tolerance levels are much higher. Things don’t get under our skin so easily.

Talk About it
Anger develops when our underlying emotions go unnoticed. We layer more and more anger on top. Anger becomes toxic when it can being explosive.

So rrelease those emotions and calm down.