Clean Eating Challenge

When we eat whole, healthy foods, our bodies get the nutrients and fuel they need and thank us with energy and wellness. But we`ve given up the lifestyle of difficult but clean eating in exchange for convenience… and our health is suffering as a result.

You don’t need to grow your own food to value what goes into your body (though it certainly helps!). If you’re looking to revamp or revitalize your relationship with food, look no further than our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge.
It will help you reevaluate what you eat versus how it makes you feel.

So, go on! Give it a try!

27 Day Clean Eating Challenge:
1. Clean out your fridge.
2. Plan your meals.
3. Write down your health goals.

4. Try new leafy greens.
5. Try a morning smoothie.
6. Eliminate sugar.
7. Select whole grain products.

8. Cut down the processed food.
9. Eat a nutritious breakfast.
10. Mix up your protein.
11. Try new fresh fruits.
12. Eliminate soda.
13. Upgrade your snack game.
14. Grab a protein bar.
15. Drink water over juice.
16. Go veggie for the day.
17. Eliminate caffeine.
18. Eat quinoa over rice.
19. Eat less, but frequently.
20. Skip the chocolate bar.
21. Eliminate dairy.
22. Cut out bad carbs.
23. Eat a nutritious dessert.
24. All day up to 5 ingredients or less.
25. Eliminate alcohol.
26. Stock your fridge.
27. Celebrate how far you’ve come!