3 Signs You Need to Change Your Life

Depression doesn’t come with a bang. It comes quietly in the middle of the night. It settles over most people like a haze. You almost don’t notice it at first, and then one day you find yourself lying face down on the floor.

You’d rather be anywhere but here.
Whether you’re in a relationship that is draining the life out of you or you hate your job, there is a gnawing feeling that just about anything would be better.

You have a dream — and it isn’t this.
If you have a dream, do yourself the favor of pursuing it. Most people are desperate to figure out what they really want. They know what they don’t want—that they’d rather be anywhere but here. But when the time comes to act, they don’t, because they have no specific dream. If you have a clear vision of what your life could be, it’s time to move on it.

You have more frenemies than friends.
Psychologist Bert Uchino, found that the more frenemies (ambivalent relationships) you have, the more likely you are to experience depression, stress and an sense of dissatisfaction with your life.

It’s time to make a change. Change is scary. But the single most important factor in anyone’s life is happiness. So what does it matter if you’re miserable? Once you figure out that the game you’re playing isn’t money or success, but rather how you feel, the sooner you’ll prioritize a deep sense of fulfillment over fear.