When Positive Attitude Might Be Hurting You

To some extent, positivity can be beneficial. Optimism may be quite wonderful, crucial even.

Being around people who are generally positive is just far more pleasant than being around people who are constantly negative. Life seems a little bit more manageable when you can practice gratitude. Not only is it helpful, but optimism can actually provide a number of benefits.

A studyes says that optimists do better in life than pessimists because they’re problem solvers and have better coping mechanisms.

May be you used to be the “fine” queen. When someone asked how you was doing you was always “fine.” Whenever something happened, maybe someone did something to wrong, it was “fine.” You eternally positive, no matter what the situation.

While on the surface this may seem like a wonderful trait in a person, in practice it mean that your needs weren’t being met. You was letting people treat you poorly.

It’s necessary to give my feelings space and let them come out to play. Some times you coul be feeling like never be okay again. In order to move past the suffering, you need to feel it.

Dont mask what you feeling. Dont plaster that fake smile on.

All your experiences is the gifts, moving you closer to being with yourself. To be with your truth. Always positive thought is a method of stepping away from what ails you rather than toward it.

So, what to do with all of this? Once you’ve looked squarely at your stuff, then is the time to find something to be grateful for.