3 Healthy Habits You Already Know but Aren’t Doing

Think you’re too busy for a healthy lifestyle? Think again. Most likely, your own personal well-being is the first casualty.

But did you know you can fit plenty of healthy habits into your busy schedule, with just a little planning and ingenuity? Try incorporating these simple tips and tricks into your weekly routine:

Try prepping meals in advance to make cooking quick and easy. For example, chopping up a bunch of vegetables on Sunday night can give you an easy salad mix for Monday and Tuesday.

Learn to fit in exercise when you can. Even just 20 minutes of activity is better than nothing. Take long calls on a walk. Get your exercise in while also getting your work done.

Productivity soars when we focus on one task at a time, not letting ourselves get distracted. Find a relaxing activity that works for you—whether that’s meditating, tending a garden, soaking in the bath, or just sitting on the couch to watch a funny movie once in a while.


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